1971 – 1975 Art school Rostov-na-Donu
1979 – 1984 LGITMiK (ЛГИТМиК)
Designed more than twenty shows in different theatres in Russia
Starting from 2002 the main occupation is doll-making
Participant of I, II and III "International Doll Salon" in Moscow - 2005/2006/2007
Always participates in the doll shows of Varvara Skripkina
Participant of 9th international exhibition in gallery "Vahtanov", price in category "Dream of childhood" - 2006
Participant of "Dollart.ru - new names" competition, price in category "View" - 2007
Participant of "Max-Oscar-Arnold Kunstpreis 2008" competition, prize in category "Fantasy doll"

Drew, moulded, sewed since I was a child, played lots with dolls, perhaps, this is one of the reasons of entering theatre faculty of the art school. Then I worked in the drama theater, where the doll model like with a magic stick became a living actor! Then theatral institute, theatre, painting , graphics, work with children and all the time dolls are near me. But now they have won and became my main occupation. What are my dolls made from? Mostly from "Fimo", because this material helps me to carry out the plan, but sometimes the dolls decide themselves from what material they will be made of. It can be not only plastic but textile, paper, wood or any other material. Themes of work are various, only the one rule is constant - dolls have to be kind!

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